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Habitat for Humanity to blame for Evansville neighborhood beautification

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The Glenwood neighborhood on Evansville's south side has been home to a lot of improvements lately.

It's all part of the community development push that start five years ago with Habitat for Humanity and EVSC.

Each of the houses in that neighborhood have been built by Habitat for Humanity.

In fact, they've built 45 houses in that neighborhood for over the past five years.

The community development initiative has seen the most progress in housing, education, and health and wellness.

Safety, though is one area that's still lacking.

In their report released on Thursday, less than half of residents think the neighborhood is safe.

Despite that, their progress in the area is really undeniable for both Glenwood Leadership Academy and those who live there.

"We're invited to come in and be apart of the school, so all of that is a positive step for us," says Lucy Williams. "And then just to see the habitat homes over from the school, that's a pleasant site to see."

"We have a transformation going on inside our school educationally and there's a transformation going on outside our school, in our neighborhood," says Tamar Skinner. "And when you put the synergy of those two things together, the combination of that is amazing."

Habitat for Humanity says they do hope to use the model in other areas as well.

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