Beer and pawn shops

Today's been pretty busy, but in a good way.  Nothing too terribly crazy to report, thankfully.  I am quite hungry though, seeing as how it's 5pm and I've only chowed down on pretzels so far.  Yoga's in 40 minutes, and I don't know if I'm going to make it through without some more food.  It's looking like a drive through drive-by is in my very near future!  Ha, negating all the calories I'm going to burn in class by eating right before.  What can you do??

So, I ended up covering three stories today—one about a new brewery opening in Evansville, another about construction progress at the Evansville Museum, and a third about the things pawn shops do to try and prevent stolen items from ending up on their shelves.  After the brewery interview I had an offer to take some beer back with me, but I figured I better not do that.  Might be frowned upon while on the job, you know!  (By the way, apparently I'm on the beer beat lately.  Two beer stories in two weeks is a little more than average, I'd say!  The smell of hops on my clothes has worn off by now, I think.)

One other thing I learned today—a little more about how pawn shops work (or at least the one I visited).  I didn't realize the precautions they are required to follow by law/city ordinance to try to keep everything on the up and up (ID, contract, thumbprint, photographs of jewelry).  The pawn shop I was at on Fulton Ave. seemed pretty busy to me while I was there (at least customer was in there pretty much the whole time I was.)  I guess what I thought was busy, was really pretty slow though.  The owner said they're just coming off a really busy time in February when a lot of people have their tax refund money.  Makes sense when you think about it!  This is why I love parts of my job—learn a little bit about a lot of stuff while putting different stories together!

Alright, well tomorrow I'm filling in for Beth on Sunrise, so hopefully Dan and I don't goof off too much.  Byron's here as well, so who knows what will happen. :)  Looking forward to it, though!!

Have a great evening.  Maybe we'll wake up and the cold weather will be gone???  No, I don't think so…

Until next time,