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O'boro part of national downtown revitalization trend

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For many years, people were interested in moving away from busy downtown areas, but economic leaders in Owensboro say that's changing.

As people continue to show an interest in moving to apartments and condos in the heart of Downtown Owensboro, economic officials say that's actually part of a national trend.

It's something that Allen Gehring has experienced firsthand.

Over the summer, he was looking for a place to move before starting his job at Brescia University.

He says it didn't take much convincing to become a downtown resident.

"I was blown away by how beautiful the property was, and I thought it'd be really attractive to live in this condominium right in the heart of downtown Owensboro with all the revitalization going on," said Gehring. 

Gehring thinks he's part of a trend that's taking off across the country.

"I think it's because people want sort of an attractive place to live and work, and they want things to do," said Gehring. "I think people don't want to sort of feel like their life is boring."

Local leaders say there's been a steady increase in people who are looking to call downtown home.

Joe Berry with Owensboro Economic Development says that helps to build community.

Joe "People are out more. People are frequenting those establishments that are in a close proximity to where they live, and they're more apt to interact with their neighbors."

Gehring agrees.

"People want excitement," he said. "They want things to do."

Several of the buildings that are under construction right now will have room for living spaces.

Berry adds that the trend shows that communities are investing in the cores of their cities. 

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