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Tri-State couple returns from China trip as a family

A Tri-State couple left for China two weeks ago and came home Wednesday night, a family.

It's not just the adoption that makes this story so sweet it's how the little boy and his new parents - were matched.

If love was something you could measure, the terminal at Evansville Regional Airport Wednesday night, might just have been at capacity.

Everybody was their to catch their first glimpse of a little boy they've been waiting a year to meet.

"About a year ago, we filled out an application with FTIA, a local adoption agency, to adopt a child from China. And here we are one year later, with Andrew home with us in our arms," said Kimberly Marsh.

Friends say mom Kimberly and dad Jason told Chinese officials "match us with a child."

The couple soon received a file with a picture and medical information and learned the tiny face staring back at them in the portrait had a severe scoliosis diagnosis.

At first, friends wondered if he was the right boy for the Marshes, but say the Marshes knew they were the right parents for the boy!

They traveled to China and brought 20 month Andrew Marsh home.

"With the time change and the 14 hour time difference, it's dwelling on us, in the end, it's well worth it," said Jason Marsh.

Wednesday night, they brought him home to his own crib, in his own home.

With arms and hearts so full now they just might burst. 

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