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Investigators still looking into Owensboro church fire

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The Owensboro Fire Department says the First Christian Church's insurance company is looking into what caused the fire early Monday morning. 

Wednesday night, the church led the ecumenical service at Third Baptist Church.

Every year during lent, seven churches in Owensboro come together in worship.

The churches take turns hosting the services every Wednesday. First Christian Church was suppose to host Wednesday's service at their church, but a fire earlier this week prevented that from happening.

Third Baptist Church hosted the event while First Christian led the service. 

"I cried through half of it. When a neighborhood loses a church is far more than losing a place of worship, it's a part of the family," said Rev. Lori Schroeder with Zion United Church of Christ. 

The Owensboro Fire Department says the fire is still under investigation, but they believe it was caused from lightning.

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