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It's Spring?

If you got outside on Wednesday, you could tell the first day of spring didn't really feel like spring at all.

One year ago, it was short sleeves weather, but on Wednesday you needed a winter coat.

Don't let the sun and the blue skies fool you, the first day of spring felt more like the middle of winter.

"It's terrible man. It's 37 degrees out right now. It's not too warm," Dan McGee said. 

But that's not stopping a few like Dan McGee from braving the arctic blast to get in a good workout.

"I'm actually really tired right now. I wanted to wake up, so I came for a jog. How cold it is right now, I'm pretty awake I'll tell you that much," McGee said. 

For much of the day, downtown streets were empty, with a few people running door to door to beat the cold.

On social media some are calling for the arrest of Punxatawney Phil, who told us spring was on it's way. Now it appears, he's wanted for fraud.

"It's terrible. It's 60 degrees one day then it's 30 degrees the next day. It's terrible. Last weekend I went golfing, so I'm missing that already," McGee said. "Gotta stay in shape. Gotta do something." 

The weather is having an impact on at least one event. Thursday's Boys' & Girls' track meet between Central, Harrison and Reitz has been postponed to April 4 due to the cold weather.

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