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Checking in on Kaj

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Follow up stories are sometimes overlooked in this crazy news business.  I'm just as guilty as anyone else.  We work on so many different things over the course of a week or month that it's easy to kind of forget to circle back and check in on certain stories. 

For me, sometimes, I think it's because a particular story was not my favorite to begin with.  Maybe it was something hard to understand or explain, hard to find someone to give the information, etc.  Sometimes it's just that I forget.  That being said, I'm glad we were able to do a follow up story today about baby Kaj, who was burned badly in a van fire one year ago today.


I hope you'll watch the attached video to find out more about how Kaj is doing now, if you missed it on the 6pm news tonight.  A few things I didn't mention on the air:  the last time I did a story about Kaj was last July.  At that point, he was wearing a full pressure suit all day, including a mask.  Today, he still has to wear the pressure suit, but the mask is off!  He still has to wear it at night, but he gets some great freedom during the day, for now at least. 


I wish Kaj and the Shrode family all the best as they gear up for more surgeries and continue the long recovery process!!

A good Wednesday in the books! :)

Until next time,


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