EVV kicks off new rewards program, register to earn miles

Evansville Airport is kicking off a new rewards program Wednesday.

It's called the "Thanks Again" program.

If you use the airport parking lot,restaurants, or gift shop you can earn points that can be transferred into miles.

Here's how it works:

You register the credit card that you travel most with into the computer system.

Say for example, you buy most of your tickets with a VISA, you would register that card.

After you register, every time you use that card at the airport you get points.

Those points can be converted into miles of the airline of your choice.

Dallas and Atlanta airports use the same rewards programs. That means any time you travel though either of those airports any points you earn there will go toward your account.

More than 150 airports nationwide participate in the program.

Evansville frequent flyer Barbara Hargrove says her and her husband eat at the airport and would love to save money on their flight to Key West.

"If you get a mile for each point you get, I mean you'd be able to cut your travel practically in half, you wouldn't have to pay for the flight or anything like that you'd be able to fly free that way you could only have hotel expenses and eating expense when you get there," Hargrove said.

If you'd like to register, visit Thanks Again.