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First Christian Church weighing options


A pastor at the First Christian Church in Owensboro says they're still trying to figure out what they'll do next after a fire destroyed their sanctuary.

Marbrey Hedges has been going to First Christian Church her whole life. Her great grand father was the first person in her family to become a member.

"I have five generations of my family that have been members of First Christian Church starting way back," Hedges said.

Hedges has seen the First Christian Church transform over the years through upgrades and renovations.

"In 1985 we had a big renovation where we refinished the pews and in the sanctuary we put the carpet in the aisles," said Hedges.

First Christian Church Pastor Jake Caldwell says he and church leaders are weighing several options, but haven't made any decisions on where the church will go from here.

Hedges says she was shocked when she first saw the destruction.

"Just to think we were sitting in that beautiful sanctuary Sunday morning having our service and the next day it is gone," said Hedges. 

This Sunday First Christian Church will be holding services at Century Christian Church, but Pastor Jake Caldwell says he doesn't know where services will be held after that.

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