Regulators debate new area code for southern Indiana

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There's so much to tell you tonight.  Locally, we may have a scuffle brewing.  People in southern Indiana want to keep their 8-1-2 area code, but there's a chance we may have to give them up.

We also have a story from Muhlenberg County, Ky.  People there are getting annoyed with all the recent prank bomb threats.  Today's brought the total to 4 in the past two weeks.   At least authorities think they know who's behind this one – a juvenile was charged today.

And … oh, deer.   A guy hit a deer with his car and decided to take it home for the meat, so he put it in his trunk.  The story ends with the deer alive and back in the woods.  How is that even possible?  You'll see, at 10.

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