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Fourth Muhlenberg Co. school bomb threat made Tuesday


Another bomb threat was made on Tuesday at a Muhlenberg County School. A note found in a girl's restroom had students sent outside, while law enforcement searched. 

Four bomb threats in four seperate schools in two weeks. What might seem like careless pranks are actually wasting taxpayer money and stretching law enforcement extremely thin.

First there was Muhlenberg East High School, then came the west side. On Monday, it was South Middle School, and before law enforcement could get a grip on the situation, another threat at North Middle School on Tuesday. 

"It's not only a nuisance, but it's just a huge burden on the emergency personnel in the county," said Dean Patterson with Kentucky State Police.


Police and school officials fear that students don't understand a hoax, harmlessly written on a bathroom stall, is still a serious offense.

"I'm not sure that they understand that right now, but we do have some plans to help them to realize that this is a crime," said Micky Strader, the Muhlenberg County Safe Schools Director.

Not only a safety concern, but these pranks are also thinning the pocketbooks of taxpayers as well.

"Well the big thing with this is not just the annoyance, but the cost is to taxpayers, the amount of man hours that is being used," Strader said.

"But it's just hard because we we're working on this from yesterday from a different school and before we could get that wrapped up, we're here doing a new one. So it's almost like it never ends," Patterson said.

KSP have caught people responsible for the first two threats, and they've informed 14 News that threatening to blow up a building is terroristic threatening, which is a class C felony, and maximum charges could carry 10 to 20 years in prison.  

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