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Two National Guard captains share stories of Iraq War

It's the 10-year anniversary of the Iraq war, and here in the Tri-State, countless service men and women have served over in the war overseas. 

Two captains at the National Guard Armory in Evansville both went to Iraq back in 2008, where they performed security operations. They shared their stories with 14 News.

It's a war with many opinions and despite those mixed messages, Captains Michael Kloeck and Casey Nunn say the Iraqi people were receptive to them.

"They wanted you there. They worked with you hand in hand and they appreciated you being there in the sacrifices you did," Kloeck said. 

"We were able to see directly from the Iraqi people, the Iraqi curds in Northern Iraq, that they really wanted us there. That they saw positive changes," Nunn shared. 

Captain Nunn says they too saw positive changes in the infrastructure, their government, security operations, and even just a sense of pride. 

"A sense of nationalism. Seeing cars drive down the highways with Iraqi flags on the bumpers, and it was really nice to see that towards the end of our deployment," Nunn said.

Ten years later, the Iraq war's price tag still climbs, both in dollars and lives lost. Locally, these two service men say there has been progress, perhaps just not enough. 

"It's something that's not going to be fixed within our ten years. It's not going to be fixed and it isn't fixed. But has there been progress? Yes," Kloeck said. 

"I do believe we made some very positive steps. As far as their success and their direction as a nation, that's yet to be determined by the Iraqi people themselves," Nunn said.

The war cost hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of lives. More than 134,000 Iraqis were killed and more than 48,000 Americans.

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