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Princeton residents get an update on town improvements

As a Stellar Community there are a lot of changes coming to Princeton, but where exactly is the town in the process?

The Gibson County Chamber of Commerce is having a breakfast Tuesday morning to update the public.  

Store facades in the downtown area are just one of a long list of Stellar projects, but the grant was awarded a year ago, and yet there's no construction or significant changes, so just where is the town in the process?

That's exactly what city wants to update people on.

County elected officials, the Princeton mayor, representatives from towns, county council and the sheriff's department will all be having breakfast at Dick Clark's Family Restaurant at 7:30 Tuesday morning.

The public is invited.

During the breakfast, each of the officials will give a quick 10 minute update which will be followed by a Q&A.

Just to give you an idea of what other projects are on the list are renovating the old movie theater, additions to bicentennial plaza, a senior housing project and more.  

By the end of this meeting, everyone should have a better idea of where each of these projects stands. 

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