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Members share memories of their church


Firefighters in Owensboro say they began fighting a blaze that completely destroyed First Christian Church around 3 a.m. Monday morning.  

Several members of the parish stood by throughout the morning as it burned.

"It's a heartbreaking day," said Mark Luckett. 

For Luckett who's been a parishioner for 66 years, First Christian Church is more than a building. 

"It's my life. It raised me, and it raised my children. Now, my grand children," Luckett told 14 News. 

As crews doused the seemingly never ending fire with water, even eight hours later, the street was lined with neighbors and church members.

"It's indescribable. You always think it's going to be some other place or some other church, not your own church," associate minister, Rebekah Krevens said. 

"It was just unreal," neighbor Dale Jones said. 

Jones lives just three doors down. He says he thinks he heard lightning strike the church. 

"I've never heard a boom like that. Smoke at first, a lot of smoke, and then a lot of flames. After that, it lit up the block that's how big it got," Jones said.

Church members huddled together, some with tears in their eyes. For each, the church held a different memory. 

"March of 19, we got married here," Luckett.

But amid the tears, you can hear a sense of hope shining through. 

"The loss that we've got here today is significant, but I will tell you, we will return to this lot. We'll clean it up, and there will be ample people in this church that will put it back," Luckett told 14 News.

As one of the parishioners put it, so long as the people are here, the church still stands. 

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