Sad Day for Grippo's Fans

It's been a sad day for Tri-State Grippo's lovers (like me).  Because of a voluntary recall of the company's chips, thousands of bags of delicious goodness had to be thrown in the trash.  :(  I was a witness to some of the chip killing this morning.  More than 14,000 units… gone, and there is more to come.  (And keep in mind, that's just through the Evansville-based distributor.)

The chips have to be logged before they're thrown out.  They'll then head to the landfill where they will be destroyed.  Everything at this point is just a precaution, there's not been anything found yet to indicate the chips would harm anyone.  But, because of metal shavings found in a salt applicator machine, Grippo's isn't taking any chances.  So, that ends up being A LOT of chips down the the drain, so to speak.  And it makes for a sad-looking space on store shelves where they should be sitting.  Now I just better hope I don't get a terrible craving for BBQ Grippo's before the next batch is restocked!!!

Turns out, I have a good friend who works for A & D Distributors of Evansville, the company that supplies Grippo's to many, many stores around the Tri-State.  I showed up to film the disposal of the chips today, which went fine.  Then, I got my camera ready for the interview with my friend's stepfather, the bossman.  Go figure, the microphone's batteries are dead.  No big deal, I think.  I have a back-up microphone in the car.  So, I go get that.  Turn it on.  The batteries work, but the mic is still acting up.  Ok, I think.  Let me get a microphone that physically plugs directly into the camera and doesn't use batteries.  Usually there is no trouble with that.  Oh, except when I try it and have my friend's family member waiting on me!  At that point, I didn't know what else to try, so I called back to the station to talk to our jack-of-all-trades, overall awesome Assignment Manager, Randy.  (If you read this blog regularly, you know how I feel about Randy.)  Well, Randy wasn't even sure what was going on for a while there.  He ended up suggesting that I try a different cable (the cord that connects the mic to the camera).  Wouldn't you know, that did the trick (after about 15 minutes of stalling!! Grr!).

I guess if that had to happen today, having it happen among friends is better than strangers, or the worse, politicians or people who are in a hurry, etc.  I swear, most days, I really do know how to operate the equipment I work with!  :)

Thanks for checking in with me.  Hope your week is off to a good start!

Until next time,