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South side resident leaving crime-ridden neighborhood behind

A family on Evansville's south side has had enough. Despite stepped up efforts by police, crime hasn't gone away and these folks are moving out. 

14 News spoke with a homeowner at the intersection of Linwood and Taylor. He grew up in a house there, and has since lived there with his wife and kids. But the crime has gotten to be too much and soon a for sale sign will be going up.

"There's too many drugs. There's too much violence. It's just not a safe neighborhood anymore," Chris McIntosh said.


Despite a security system, the south side resident was recently robbed.

Now McIntosh and his family are relocating to northern Vanderburgh County, far away from the crime they can't seem to get away from.

"They turned off the main power to the house. They damaged the gas line inside the house and they basically went out the front door. I don't see how that would have happened in one of the better neighborhoods where they have a lot more police going through," McIntosh said.

"Neglected is not the right word to use for how we treat that area," said EPD Sgt. Jason Cullum. 

The Evansville Police Department says they're in the neighborhood every day. Still, they can only do so much. 

A more hands-on approach, like the Stop and Frisk Program used in New York City, may not translate in Evansville. 

"If we were to go down there and do some of these practices and be more hands on some of these other agencies do, we would get the same result. Crime would go down, but we would also get the same reaction from the community going, 'hey, I'm not committing a crime. I don't want you to stop me, don't want you to touch me." So we have to balance all that stuff out," Sgt. Cullum said.


Officers have also put The Guardian in the neighborhood, the police truck equipped with cameras for 24/7 surveillance.

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