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Vanderburgh Co. family taking loss of home in stride

A Vanderburgh County family has lost their home for the second time. This time by fire. 

Officials have ruled the house fire on Old State Road accidental, saying the fire started in and a around the chimney. 

The Riggs family has been through quite a lot in the past few years, including losing one home in a tornado and now, the other in a fire. 

Mark Riggs says he was in disbelief Sunday morning when he heard his house was on fire.

"You, first of all, wonder if it's true, you know? Is it really on fire? How much is it on fire? Then, can it be salvaged? Of course, the whole unknown of what you're going to see when you get there," Mark said to 14 News.

What Riggs saw was his home fully engulfed. A back-draft explosion then blew out a wall and the roof eventually caved in. The home was lost.

"We kind of know the drill, after losing one home in the tornado. So," Mark said.

That tornado Riggs is referring to, ripped through Newburgh three years ago. Destroying the home Riggs and his family lived in then.

When asked if that past experience helped at all, or if it's still just as hard, Mark responded, "I think it will help. You know? We're trying to get a hold of insurance companies and take care of our business."

"This family is a special family. They're really strong. They have a strong faith and they take it all in stride. I mean, it's not easy, but they have a lot of support with family and church family that stands around them," Blue Grass United Methodist Pastor Doug Meiman said. 

Bags of food and piles of donated clothing now surround the family while they stay with Mark's parents.

Bluegrass says they are still accepting donations for the family.

"I told the family it was kind of like a funeral here yesterday, because people just kept stopping in and making clothing donations, food donations and those kind of things. It's been really great," Mark said.

You can help out the Riggs family by heading to the Blue Grass Church website. There, you can also access the Facebook page that lists the needs of the Riggs family.

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