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Naugatuck High School holds active shooter simulation


In the months following the Sandy Hook shooting, schools around the state are revamping security policies and holding emergency drills.

On Monday, an emergency drill was held at Naugatuck High School with a police officer pretending to be an active shooter inside the building.

Naugatuck High School went into full lockdown Monday morning. A portion of a drill was to see how students and staff would react if there was a shooter in the building. 

"I just went into the corner and sat down up on the counter just as far in the room as possible," said senior Christine Boulanger. "We were watching the shadows to see if anyone was coming by. It was actually kind of a scary experience, but I guess a real one would be."

A police officer acted as "the shooter." He was dressed in all black and wearing a mask. He walked through hallways and blew a whistle to represent gunfire.

School security officials taught students first to run, hide and then, as a last resort, fight.

"They came and yanked on our door, nobody got in luckily," said senior Ryan Lewis. "I was surprised how many students were actually really nervous. They were scared about it, even though it was supposed to be a drill."

Some parents told Eyewitness News they're wondering if the drills are too realistic and too much for kids to handle.

"It can put extra stress on a kid, make them worry for nothing," said parent Denisha Davis.

Naugatuck High School Principal Janice Saam told Eyewitness News that they "practice all kinds of drills," including fire drills, weather drills and inside intruder drills.

"I think we need to be prepared for whatever emergency may come," she said.

Saam said the drill was necessary and went well.

However, Saam told Eyewitness News that they hope to improve response times next time they do a drill.

School officials said they also noticed problems such as faulty locks and doors. Those things are expected to be taken care of when the school gets a security upgrade in the coming months.

That upgrade will also include the installation of bulletproof glass in some areas.

School security officials said they will practice a similar drill at other schools in the district, including the elementary school.

However, they don't use the words "code black" or police.

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