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Need a backhoe? The City of Evansville is set to auction one off

The City of Evansville will hold a public auction to sell surplus vehicles and large equipment no longer in service. The auction is set for Thursday, March 28, at 9 a.m. at Wolf's Auto Auction, 2229 S. Kentucky Ave.

Among the vehicles and equipment to be sold are a fuel trailer with gas and diesel tanks, several golf carts, mowing equipment, a car, two Jeeps, a backhoe and a bulldozer. All of the items will be sold "as is." Some units may need repair or may not be operable. City officials said despite the condition, most items will likely be purchased for spare parts or as backup equipment.

Bidders must pay for the unit at the time of sale with cash, certified check or personal check. There are no warranties or guarantees about the quality of the vehicle or equipment, and the City of Evansville assumes no liability after the unit is sold.

The City also reserves the right to withdraw or add units to the auction list, or to reject any bid and cancel the auction for any reason. For more information on the surplus auction, contact Transportation & Services Executive Assistant Kerry Kamp at 436-4988. 

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