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Evansville's west side goes green for St. Patty's Day

Businesses on Evansville's West Franklin street will go green for the first time.

The Franklin Street Events Association will be hosting a St. Patrick's Day Event.

They have been working to bring more people to the west side and so far, the associations's founder Lead Spivey says it's working.

"I think people are really starting to get excited about Franklin Street," says Spivey. "They see the potential and I think excitement is there. Everyone has their pride and we're ready to do something on the west side big."

This weekend, that big event will be a St. Patrick's Day Crawl, bringing a little taste of the Irish Holiday right here to the tri-state.

"Lamasco, they have a Celtic band playing and so does Winderwalt, so everyone is just doing their own little thing," says Spivey.

Almost every Franklin Street bar is participating, including Tin Man, Sportsman, Lamasco and Gerst Haus.

"I totally encourage people to come check it out," says Gary Stuckey from Gerst Haus. "Because if it's anything like I think it's going to be, bartenders are going to be slinging the beers, slinging the drinks."

And just to be safe, they've organized a bus to take 'green beer go'ers' from one play to the next.

"It's pink," says Spivey. "You can't miss it."

And depending on who you ask, it's also an event you can't miss out on.

"You're gonna have a big crowd, large community, and just an atmosphere that I don't think Evansville has seen on St. Patty's Day before," says Stuckey.

You'll need a wrist band if you'd like to use the shuttle.

You can pick one up at most of the participating bars.

It runs from 7:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m..

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