Talking about Beer

Today I had my hand (umm… literally) in about five stories!

This is what I got stuck taking notes on in the car today when I left my notepad on my desk.  It's a cardboard insert from a pair of gloves my mom bought me for Christmas.  It was still in my work bag and served as pretty decent substitute!  Haha, whatever works, right?!

We are trying to cover even more local news, so today I was live in three shows talking about three different things.  On top of that, I wrote two other smaller stories that the anchors read.  This is a picture from the 5pm news (well, right after).  It was the first time I've ever held up beer in a live shot!  Tin Man Brewing Company on Franklin Street is now available to buy in cans, so that's what I was talking about. :)

Anyway, I'm keeping this short because it's close to 7pm and I'm hungry!  Time to go eat dinner!  Hope you had a great day.  The Hoosiers won so that's a plus!

Until next time,