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Local brewery packages beer for first time in 16 years

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For the first time in more than 15 years, local beer is being sold in stores.

All beer with the Tin Man name is brewed at their Franklin St. location.

Now it's starting to be canned and sent to other locations.

As of Friday, three types of Tin Man beer are available at Liquor Locker stores.

Sometime in April, the head brewer says you'll be able to buy it at Schnucks and all other liquor stores in the area.

This is significant because it's been a while since Evansville has had locally brewed beer on store shelves.

Tin Man says it's been since 1997, when Sterling Selling packaged beer in our area.

"It's a great milestone for us," says Sean O'Rear. "This is the first that we wanted to do was get out in cans. There are a metric-thousands of things to do, I mean there's just so many things to get it to where we can actually do that. So we all sat down and had lunch together and kind of patted ourselves on the back that the last three are out the door and the rest is to come and it's going to be better and better and better."

They plan to add a few more types of beer before the end of the year.

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