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Evansville and the tri-state may be saying goodbye to 812

The 812 area code is running out.

Next week, there's a meeting in Evansville to explain what the state may do about it.

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke is encouraging people to come to a public hearing about the future of the 812 area code.

The hearing will be hosted by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission.

812 is an area code used in 28 counties in Indiana and a prediction shows it will run out of available numbers in about two years.

The IURC has two main options it's looking at to deal with this problem.

One is simply adding a new area code.

The latter involves splitting the current area the 812 area code serves and dividing it up.

That means here in the tri-state, we may be saying goodbye to 812 and be switched to a near area code in the future.

The IURC is having these hearings to explain these options and to give the public a chance to weigh in.

The meeting is on Tuesday, March 19 at 6:00 p.m. at Washington Middle School in Evansville.

If you cannot attend the meeting, you can always send a written comment to the IURC as well.

For more information about these possible changes or the meeting, click here.

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