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Elementary school kids perform CPR on a baby in Georgia

Rocky Hurt and Ethan Wilson Rocky Hurt and Ethan Wilson

What would you do if your child all of a sudden stopped breathing?

It's a frightening scenario that one Georgia mother found herself in.

Susanna Rohm says her baby seemed kind of non-responsive to her smile and that something didn't feel right.

She put her finger under his nose and realized he wasn't breathing.

Ethan Wilson, 10-years-old, was outside playing football with his friend Rocky Hurt, 9-years-old, when they heard somebody yell 'call 911.'

"I said even if it's a burglar, we still need to help because it's the right thing to do," says Hurt.

Rohm continued to scream not knowing what to do and then Hurt runs in, someone she'd never met, and tells her to use two fingers, push on his chest 5 to 10 times, tilt the baby's head, plug the nose and breath into the baby's mouth.

"He said it so confidently that I just listened to him right away," says Rohm.

The baby screamed and Hurt told her that it was a good sign because the baby was breathing.

Hurt and Wilson learned how to do CPR from posted signs at their school, Sedalia Park Elementary in Georgia.

"We just wanted to know just in case it happened, but we never knew we would have to do it in real life," says Wilson.

Rohm added, "If Rocky hadn't been outside playing right then, I definitely wouldn't have him sitting in my lap right now."

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