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Derby Pie tug-of-war goes from oven to the courts

 There's nothing like Derby Pie - and Kern's Kitchen is willing to fight in court to prove that idea.

 The Louisville-based company which makes the chocolate-nut pie has sued Claudia Sanders Dinner Houses over the use of the name. The suit was filed in U.S. District Court in Frankfort against the Shelbyville landmark founded by the wife of Kentucky Fried Chicken creator Colonel Harland Sanders.

 The dispute arose over whether servers at the restaurant were calling their pie "Derby Pie." Kern's Kitchen, which created the popular pie in 1954, holds a trademark on the term.

 Kern's Kitchen's attorney Donald Cox says they asked the restaurant to stop using the term, but management there wouldn't. A message left at Claudia Sanders Dinner House wasn't immediately returned Friday.

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