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O'boro Facebook group helps keep money local


A Facebook page created by an Owensboro man is changing the way people shop.

The group, 'Owensboro Barter and Trade' was started almost two years ago and now has a little over 28,000 members.

Almost any kind of item is available from things you'd find around the house and even cars.

Founder Waylon Hurt explains how the idea was born after he heard a pretty interesting story and wanted to try it himself.

"This guy had one red paper clip, and he was wanting to trade items for different things just to see how far he could take it, and I was like 'You know, I bet I can trade around and do stuff so I can get things I need for my new house,'" says Hurt.

Owensboro resident Sharon Layson has found all kinds of items on the site from a lawnmower, to several tasers.

"I was spending almost my whole day doing barter and trade, and the house was showing it," says Layson.

Hurt believes that the constant buying, selling, and trading reveals something important about Owensboro economics.

"People really want to buy locally, buy in the area," says Hurt.

Billy Pogue, one of the page administrators, agrees.

"It's actually made buying in Owensboro here local much better than trying to go to the bigger markets where it's keeping our money local, and I think that's a big thing to help Owensboro," says Pogue.

And for members like Layson, that's just one of the positives.

"It's endless on what you can find to buy," says Layson.

Anyone who wants to join the group can put in a request and be screened by the administrators.

To do that, click here.

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