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Rescue women takes care of dog orphaned by arrest

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(Source: Vom Blue Rescue Facebook page) (Source: Vom Blue Rescue Facebook page)

14 News is glad to report some good news that came out a bad situation.

Thursday, we reported that three people from Newburgh had been arrested on meth related charges.

Thursday evening, a concerned member of our 14 News Facebook audience, Jennifer Houchin-Riggs, let us know about a dog that had been tied to a tree outside of the home, where police say they found a the meth lab, since early that morning.

Jennifer told 14 News that animal control and police had been called, but that he was still sitting out there with no shelter. Concerned for the well being of the dog, Jennifer and her friend Tiffani Talbert went to the store and got him a dog house, a bed, food and water and some toys.

She later posted the following update on her Vom Blue Rescue Facebook page:

"Wanted to post this so all who were concerned about this boy in Newburgh that was left without any shelter tied to a tree when his owners were taken to jail today, can see that we got him all taken care of for the night. He has Shelter, Bedding, Food and Water and several chew bones. He was VERY scared at first but slowly warmed up to us! Not sure why he was not helped sooner but as soon as we were called about it we drove over to the home, called the police and police then spoke with the owner of the dog and allowed us to go on the property to care for him and she was very grateful for it. She is trying to contact family to get him tomorrow but if not we left our number with the officer and he will call us if we need to go pick him up :)"

"Another Late nighter for us...but we can sleep a little better knowing he will have shelter. Thanks Debra for calling me tonight to let me know that no authorities took care of him today and he was still in need and thanks Tiff for going to Wal Mart with us and getting him all stocked up !"

Jennifer also added that her kids, Richard and Caiden, and Tiffani's daughter Paige helped by carrying all of the supplies up the hill to where the dog was and helped pick out things for the dog at the store.

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