Grandmother looking for driver who hit granddaughter

Lyda Brown says she wouldn't consider herself the average 12 year old. She says she loves history and learning. "It just interests me like the Cold War, World War I, and World War II. It really, really, interests me," said Lyda Brown.

Brown was walking to a park to meet up with some friends on Saturday when she stopped near the intersection of Baker Avenue and East 19th Street to clean her glasses when she was hit by a car. Brown says the impact caused her shoe to come off and she says she hit her head on the concrete. She was taken to Owensboro Medical Health System where she was checked out. She says she didn't get a good look at the car that hit her and says it was a silver car driven by someone with blonde hair wearing sunglasses. Brown's grandmother Sharion Brown is determined to find the person who hit her grand daughter. She has been placing flyers around Owensboro asking people to go to the Owensboro Police Department if they have any information on the driver.

"I contacted the Rolling Heights Office at the housing authority and so far we have not had any news. They just left her there on the side of the road like she was nothing," said Sharion Brown.

Sharion Brown says she is determined to find who hit her granddaughter and drove away. "That's what bothers me the most. How can a human being leave a child just lying there on the side of the road like she was nothing."

If you have any information you can contact the Owensboro Police Department at (270) 687-8888.