This is your sign: Lock your doors and windows

Hi Tri-Staters,

If you never lock your door – this is your heads-up.  There's been a string of break-ins, and people in Warrick and Vanderburgh counties are on-edge.    Authorities say many of the break-ins have something in common.

You know what's uncommon?  A 1913 Liberty head nickel.  One was recently discovered in the closet of a Virginia home, and now it's expected to fetch $2.5 million dollars at auction.  We'll show you what one looks like, at ten.

And one of my favorite stories of the day – the winning basketball coach and his assistants who couldn't seem to stay on their feet.  You'll never guess why.  I think you'll like this one too.

Turn on the news and we'll see you at 10.


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