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Vanderburgh and Warrick Co. break ins at an all time high

Neighbors are on high alert on Thursday night after more breaks in's than usual around Vanderburgh and Warrick Counties.

Law enforcement agencies are now working together, believing some of them are connected.

14 News spoke with a lieutenant in Warrick County who tells us there are a lot of similarities.

Types of injuries, time of day, how they're getting into the houses.

14 News also spoke with some residents in both Vanderburgh and Warrick counties, and they say they're worried.

"I've lived here for over 20-years and never had a problem," says Nancy Cones, an Evansville resident. "Never even worry about locking doors during the day, but now they're all locked."

Habits have changed for people like Cones.

She and her neighbors are staying more vigilant ever since thieves have targeted their Plaza Park neighborhood.

"We use to leave our garage door open," Cones added. "It's always closed now."

Evansville Police say break ins have been reported around there, around Washington and Vann, Northeast Vanderburgh County and even into Warrick County.

"We always lock up," says Vickie Custer, a resident of Boonville. "You know, we always make sure we are secure before we go to bed. As good as we can be."

Bob Jarrett, the owner of Jarrett Security Solutions says, "Most people think 'Oh, I'm in a nice neighborhood. I'm next to everybody else. We live out in the country, nobody messes with us out there. Or I have a dog'. All of those things don't matter because they will come to your house and break in anytime."

Jarrett says it's the worst he's seen since he got in the business over 10-years ago.

A customer of his recently had a really close call, perhaps a warning for others to stay alert.

"A guy had knocked at the door and she didn't get to the door in time," says Jarrett. "He had turned around, walked over to his car, turned it around and backed it in, put a long glove on, started to walk towards the back door. She came out on a cell phone and said can I help you? So he was that close to breaking in to her house and this is the stuff we're seeing all the time."

Lt. Mike Wilder confirms there's been at least one arrest in the Warrick County case, saying the different law enforcement agencies will be releasing more information soon.

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