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A Mad Dash!

How does it happen that the sleet comes down at its hardest right around the time I'm going live, then a few minutes later it's nice and sunny again?!  Grrr… just my luck!  I had to put on the hood of my lovely 14 News jacket, so I'm sure that looked GREAT on tv!  Ahh well…

It's what happened afterwards that I'd say was probably the "funniest/saddest" moment of my day.  That live shot was at the Courts Building in Evansville at 4:30pm.  I needed to be live at the LST 325 (Evansville Riverfront) at 5pm.  In between, I needed to find out what happened in a trial I'd been covering earlier in the day. 

So, first, I tried to get in the Courts Building from the back entrance.  It had just closed.  I could see the prosecutor in court (I think) from an outside window, so I thought things were still going on.  Sooo, I went around to the main entrance to the Civic Center.  Next, I took the bridge BACK to the Courts Building.  Lucked out and ran into someone who told me no, there was no verdict, closing arguments coming in the morning.  So then, I started back through the Courts Building to the Civic Center to get back to my car.  Nope, inside doors closed.  Had to go out the back of the Courts Building and went for a nice jog all the way around back to my car.  I was sweating and out of breath when I got there. HA!  My track and cross country days were a LONG time ago, sadly.  Uggh.  I obviously need to get back into that!  BUT, I did get the information I needed AND made it to my 5pm live shot on time.  So, yay for that!

As a reward ( well really just as something to eat while I kill time before going to my yoga class tonight) I enjoyed a lovely blue blow-pop.  Good thing I waited until AFTER my on-air appearances, eh? :)  Pretty attractive! :)


You know, today I spent a decent amount of time inside the Courts Building.  I've said it before, but I'll say it again.  The men and women who run the security check-points in that building and the Civic Center are just pretty super.  My favorite helped answer several of my questions while I was there.  :)  If you ever come through, give ‘em a smile, they see a lot of people every day and I'm sure they appreciate the extra nice ones!

Anyway, most of the time I really enjoy covering court cases.  They can, at times, be boring, but usually it's kind of interesting to see how things go!  I only wish we could have cameras inside, that was one plus of working in news in Ohio!

Ok, about time to get ready to roll out for yoga.  Do I really want to go?  No, not really.  Do I really want to sit at home and eat an entire pizza?  Pretty much.  BUT, I will press on, this time at least. :) 

Good luck to the Lady Aces!  They are about to tip off in St. Charles, MO, for the first round of the MVC Tournament.  I will miss a lot of the game while I'm dripping sweat, but I'll be zen-fully and silently rooting them on from inside a 105-degree room!

Until next time,


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