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North Green River extension causing problems

The benefits of the North Green River Road extension may no longer outweigh the problem for some drivers.

14 News spoke with a north sider who uses the stretch of road four to five times a day.

He says the road is dipping causing problems for drivers.

"I thought they'll be out here to fix that," says Mike Taylor. "That's common knowledge with the way it is. Well it never happened, and it went on and went on."

Every day, Taylor drives the N. Green River Rd. extension and almost two years later, he's wondering, 'Why hasn't it been fixed?'

"It's got dips, it's like a washboard, the old-time washboards," says Taylor. "And the approaches to the bridges are just pathetic. It's just simply, somebody didn't do a good job."

John Stoll, a Vanderburgh County engineer adds that they haven't had a situation like that before.

He also says a settlement near the storm pipes has been a major issue and a consultant has evaluated the road.

Still, there's not clear game plan on how to fix it.

"The fill above the pipes was not compacted properly, so that is one of the issues that's been brought out," says Stoll. "We had significant flooding in the Spring of 2011. That was another thing some of the consultants have made reference to."

They haven't been able to pinpoint one cause and not only that, but who's going to foot the bill?

Vanderburgh County or the contractors?

"Obviously the county does not want to pay for this, since the county paid for a project that was supposed to be done correctly," says Stoll.

Stoll says who pays the bill could be a sticking point.

There's also no real consensus yet as to how to fix the problem.

Because of that, no timeline is available but the county says when it does get done, it needs to be a permanent fix.

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