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Man's Billboard of Love: "I'm Gordon. Let's have dinner"

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A Lake Norman man is looking for love in a BIG way.  He's has taken out a billboard on two of Charlotte's most traveled interstates stating "...I'm GORDON. Let's have dinner!"

The billboard is pretty simple.

It's a photo of Gordon Engle, a self-described entrepreneur who owns a company in the financial services industry, playing the guitar.  Under the request for dinner is his website,

That's all.

But people are interested. It started with a few hundred on Thursday night, but by Friday evening, Engle's site had gotten more than 6,000 hits.

He said, via phone, on Friday that he was seeing about 300 new hits an hour.

More than 6,000 interested people have turned into about 60 requests to meet.

"I'm having a good time," Engle told WBTV.

Engle says he loves to cook, play the piano and guitar. But he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty, either. According to his website, at one point he lived in Kansas and "milked cows and shoveled cow poop!"

If you need to see more, Engle has nearly two-dozen photos on his site from varying ages.

As for the perfect woman?

"Having a good sense of humor is really important to me. The ability to laugh at yourself (and sometimes at me) is invaluable," he states on his website.

"Certainly physical beauty and taking care of one's body is important, but it's one's inner beauty that brings out the best in me. Professionally, as long as you love what you do that's the most important thing."

Engle says he can be very spontaneous, sometimes traveling to another country on a moment's notice, so ladies... "it wouldn't hurt if you liked to travel and explore the world."

There is a two-dozen question survey if you decide you want to date Gordon, including the "quirkiest thing about you" and "what last made you laugh."

If you decide Gordon sounds perfect, you don't have to just take his word for it.  He has references, including friends, co-workers and family on his site.

"Gordon has a zest for life that I am assuming is hard to find today," says his cousin and admitted paid sponsor. "I think that his website (and billboard!) is Gordon's unique way of reaching out to find his true love. You owe it to yourself to go on a date with him and figure out for yourself if he just might be the one for you."

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