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No criminal charges filed in Evansville hotel death

The Evansville Police department has just released new information on the death of a Newburgh woman at Hampton Inn on Wednesday.

Based on the information released from the Coroner's office, the Police Department's investigation is still classified Robin Frank's case as a 'death investigation' only.

"Based on the facts that are known to us at this time, there is nothing to indicated the death was caused by foul play," says Sgt. Jason Cullum.

They say no criminal case against here husband, Kenneth, is being pursued at this time.

Authorities were called to the hotel when an employee saw Kenneth pushing an unresponsive woman on a luggage cart through the hotel lobby. It turned out to be the his deceased wife.
Robin and Kenneth were registered guests of the hotel. They had recently had a fire in their Newburgh home and were staying at that hotel.

Sgt. Cullum also tells 14News that the behavior by the husband after the death was unusual, but nothing at this time indicated it was criminal.

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