See Comet Panstarrs Dazzle the Tri-State !

The clouds finally vanished and Comet Panstarrs appeared over the Tri-State on Wednesday night.  Many local astronomers and photographers and loyal 14News viewers captured the sight for all of us to enjoy.  Here are some of the pictures so far:


This one is by Kevin Banning from Evansville's north side.  He took the picture with a Canon 5d Mark III with a 200 mm lens.

Here's another one by Mike Borman of the Evansville Astronomical Society.  Mike is always sending in fantastic pictures of all things celestial.  You might have seen him driving around town towing his telescope on a trailer behind his SUV !

The view was good in Wadesville, too.  Here is one by Jim Havens just after sunset.


And finally, one more view from Mike Epmeier.  Thanks to all of you for bringing the comet to our 14 First Alert Blog viewers.  Be sure to check back for new pictures over the next few days !