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Missing Hancock Co. teens last seen in Evansville

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Denise Billings and Tina Swihart both describe their daughters as the average teenage girl. Courtney Lyons and Sarah Bray both love their phones and being on Facebook.

The two Hancock County High School students left school early last Thursday and haven't been seen since.

Courtney Lyons' mother Denise says she is very worried.

"A lot of stress. No sleeping at all and constantly worrying," said Denise Billing. "Constantly calling her phone, burning her phone up and her phone has been off since Saturday."

Sarah Bray sent her family a text message the day after the girls went missing, but the Hancock County Sheriff's Office says they were not able to track the teen's phone.

"She was basically wanting her dog, but didn't have a ride to get him. It made me feel a little relieved because I knew she was ok at that point," said Tina Swihart, Sarah Bray's Mother.

The Hancock County Sheriff's Office and both mothers believe the two friends are together, but are not using their cell phones.

The sheriff's office says on Sunday security cameras at an Evansville Wal-Mart caught the girls going inside the store.

The mothers say they want their daughters to come home.

"This has been a very terrible experience. We constantly worry. We don't eat, we don't sleep. We are constantly out looking, trying to find any information we can," Swihart said.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Courtney Lyons and Sarah Bray, you can contact the Hancock County Sheriff's Office at (270) 927-6247.

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