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Ohio lawmakers proposing a 5% Vet Tax

Ohio lawmakers consider vet tax Ohio lawmakers consider vet tax

"We do treat our dog as part of our family," said Dale Gracon.

Dale Gracon says his 8-year old dog Cascius is like one of his kids, that's why he says it's important to make sure he gets regular check ups at the Gateway Animal Clinic in Cleveland.

Most pet owners know taking the proper care of your four legged friend isn't cheap.

"Right now with the economy and all the other added service fees that we seem to get that would just keep piling on," said Gracon.

Gracon is talking about the state trying to impose a new 5% tax on veterinary services.

House Bill 59.

Opponents like Veterinarian Brian Forsgren say it would increase prices and create a big burden for many pet owners.

"They aren't going to tax disability or medical, but, they are going to tax veterinary because they consider that not a life necessity," said Brian Forsgren. "There's no Obama Care for pets."

Dr. Forsgren is also concerned pet owners on a tight budget may be forced to wait to get their pets the much needed care they need, something Gracon agrees wouldn't be good.

"People may choose then to make less visits to the veterinarian to say well our animal seems healthy enough right now but I don't want to pay that extra fee and maybe prolong visits," said Dale Gracon. "To just slap a tax on pets doesn't make sense."

Hawaii, New Mexico and South Dakota are the only states in the country that have a veterinary tax. Several other states have tried it but it's failed.

We'll keep you posted on this one.

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