Journeying through Spencer County

What the heck was up with all that snow today??  Not that it amounted to anything, but we are so close to spring!  I want spring weather already!!!

I didn't end up spending too much time outside though, so I guess it wasn't THAT bad.  I spent most of my time today in Spencer County, so that meant about 2 hours total in the car.  First stop was Rockport to speak with the Superintendent of the South Spencer Co. School Corporation.  Not a fun, happy story at all.  We were following up on yesterday's awful car crash outside the school.  A senior at South Spencer HS was killed.  Very sad.  One thing that was nice to hear was that many students at the high school wore blue today, as a show of "support and solidarity".

These kinds of situations can be tricky.  I'm thankful the superintendent was willing to speak to the media.  I know I, personally, don't want to be intrusive in emotional times like this, but at the same time, we, as a news station, of course want to update people on stories when we can.  The superintendent I think realized this and had us (both tv stations) come to her office for the interview.  I wish them all the best as they continue to cope with this, both the young man's family and his school family.

Once I wrapped things up in Rockport, and then Reo (where the high school is), it was off to Fulda, a very small town not too far from St. Meinrad.  There, I caught up with 14-year-old Isaac Gogel, who is battling leukemia.  Isaac did not seem to be a huge fan of the camera, so he let his dad do the talking.  Heck, I don't blame him. :)

They live in a farmhouse built in 1920, which was pretty neat to see (grrr should have taken a picture!).  I was worried, though, about scratching up their floors with my tripod!  The feet at the bottom are supposed to have little plastic covers, but this particular tripod doesn't have those.  Instead, little metal spiky things stick out.  To avoid a repair bill arriving at the station, we sat the tripod on towels and moved them around as I moved around getting video.  Oh, so sophisticated!! :)

Anyway, Isaac is home for about a week and a half (from Kosair Children's Hospital in Louisville) before going back for more chemotherapy.  His dad says he is doing well, so I hope that continues.  They've received a ton of support from people on their facebook page and from people buying "Isaacstrong" t-shirts.  Great to see that they have people who care stepping in to do what they can!!

I asked Isaac a little bit about the hospital.  He told me he wasn't a big fan of the food, and that the best part is seeing a massage therapist.  I imagine that would be a nice break; maybe one small perk of being cooped up in the hospital for weeks on end.  Wishing you all the best Isaac and the Gogel family!

Alright, that's all from me today.

Until next time,