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Local Bishops speak about new pope

Catholics in Argentina, and locally, are cheering with the selection of the new pope, Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina.

Catholics around the world were praying for a quick conclave, and on Wednesday, many will begin praying for their new pope, Pope Francis I. 

14 News was there soon after Bishop Charles Thompson of the Evansville Diocese learned who the new pope would be.

Bishop Thompson spoke about the significance of the pope's chosen name, Pope Francis.

He says the cardinals were voting on a person they hoped had lead "a life of holiness," had a "true concerned care for the poor," and was a missionary. He says all those things are attributed to the name Francis.

He also spoke of the importance of a pope being chosen from Latin America. 

"The growth of our Catholic population worldwide has been in South America, Asia, Africa, and to have a pope come from any of those three areas, I think again, is just broadening our own reflection and proclaiming of our universality of our church," Bishop Thompson said.

There will be masses in the name of the pope, and of course, during daily mass there is always an acknowledgment for the current pope. Priests will insert Pope Francis I's name into that slot and pray for him daily as well.

14 News also spoke with Owensboro Bishop William Medley about the cardinals vote and what he knows about the new pope.

Bishop Medley says he has seen the election of five popes in his life time and was surprised a decision came so quick.

Bishop Medley says Wednesday is an historic day.

"Well, any election of a pope is big for the church, but the fact that we have a pope that was not born and raised and nurtured the European continent is immense," Bishop Medley said.

Bishop medley says he expects Pope Francis to be a missionary of the world.

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