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Is this winter's last gasp for the Tri-State ?

Looking out the window today, it's clear that winter is running out the clock.  With only 7 days of winter left (the vernal equinox is next Wednesday), we're still seeing flurries and feeling February-like temperatures.  The culprit is a stubborn low pressure up over Lake Huron.  This low is spinning clouds and flurries down from the northwest and will gradually ease to the east tonight.  This will allow for some clearing.

Tonight will be a good night to try to check out Comet Panstarrs again, especially after 8:00 when most of the Tri-State will be under clear skies.


By Thursday and Friday, south winds will kick up.  Warmer air will flow in, along with more cloud cover.


Showers will return by late Thursday night, and we may even hear some thunder on Friday, especially over the southern half of the Tri-State.  Normal highs for this time of the year are around 56 for the high and 35 for the lows.  Look out 10 days, a warming trend will take hold, and more rain will be with us through next week.  At least it's not snow !

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