Plea for safer intersection goes out after deadly accident

Jacob Hamilton
Jacob Hamilton

There's a plea for help Tuesday night to make an intersection safer, after the death of a Tri-State student.

A petition has now been started to put a stop light at the intersection of Highway 66 and Orchard Road in Spencer County, where 18-year-old Jacob Hamilton died in a traffic accident Tuesday around noon.

They want to get something done now. That petition is posted online. Hundreds of people have already signed it, all demanding change so no other lives will be lost there.

The accident that killed Hamilton right outside of his school Tuesday afternoon is Natasha Boyer's worst nightmare.

"I have a daughter that will be getting her drivers permit this summer," Boyer said.

That's why it worries her.

She says a traffic signal that hangs over the intersection now just isn't doing the job of slowing vehicles down. After Tuesday's accident, she's demanding something that will.

"Why not just take the bull by the horn and do it myself," Boyer said.

That she did with the help of Facebook. She created a online petition and posted it on her page, and within minutes, it blew up.

"Actually my battery did not last I had so many responses," Boyer said.

"I think it's pretty dangerous," student Noah Epley said.

Like most South Spencer students, Epley drives through the intersection to and from school everyday.

"Pulling out you can't really see one way because you have cars on the other side of you and you can't really see, so you kind of have to guesstimate when to go," Epley said.

Authorities are still investigating if that's why Hamilton pulled out in front of a semi on his way home from school around noon. Students say Hamilton did not have afternoon classes and would leave the school after lunch.

They say the school was placed on lockdown after the accident. It was near the end of the day that the announcement was made that one of their own had lost his life.

As a mother, Boyer hopes her petition will lead to some sort of change at the intersection, so no more of those announcements will have to be made.

"Everybody can get involved and maybe we can make something happen," Boyer said.

14 News is told state officials say the traffic count isn't high enough to warrant a stop light there.

As for Wednesday, Hamilton's friends at South Spencer are asking all students to wear blue -- in memory of their friend.

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