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Roundabout construction underway in Owensboro


Drivers will be going in circles after construction on an Owensboro intersection is completed, and officials say that's a good thing.

Steven McCarthy lives in Sorgho and drives down Highway 56 on his way to work. He says he always takes a short cut just before the intersection of Highway 56 and Highway 81.

"Traffic is usually backed up a quarter mile or so most mornings," McCarthy said. "I usually cut through Bellevue Baptist Church right in front of the intersection. If I don't, I usually have to wait anywhere from five to probably ten minutes."

The Kentucky Transportation crews started working on installing new roundabouts at the intersection of Highway 56 and Highway 81. They say the roundabout will help the traffic flow better and make the intersection safer.

"If you do have a crash, it's generally going to be a side bump crash as opposed to a T-bone crash, which are generally most deadly. The T-bone and the head on crashes. This will eliminate T-bone and head on crashes completely," said Keith Todd with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

McCarthy won't need to take his detour once the roundabout is finished.

"I think anything they have will be a lot better than what they have now," McCarthy said.

The $1.4 million project is expected to be completed at the end of 2013. 

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