Five Focus Areas

Caring For Kids: United Way is dedicated to protecting and nurturing children. We supp ort local infants and youth and enable them to develop in safe and caring environments.

Keeping Teens On Track: United Way believes that helping local teens become responsible members of society is essential to our community's future. We provide guidance and healthy, educational activities to help teens grow into mature, productive adults.

Elderly And Disabled Independence: United Way supports the elderly and believes people of all ages and capabilities are viable members of society. We enable our communities elderly and disabled to live in the home of their own choosing with health and dignity.

Building Communities: United Way supports a vital community safety net, addresses the root causes of problems and focuses on solutions. We work to bring people together to impact local issues.

Strengthening Families: Strong families are one of the most important building blocks of our community. United Way supports programs that promote caring, loving and self-sufficient families. Children learn what they live. To help create successful youth, we have to create successful parents.