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Pastor asks KKK to postpone rally in Memphis

(WMC-TV) - Pastor Daniel Moore of Overflow Life Church in Memphis is trying to drum up support to cancel or postpone the Easter weekend KKK rally in downtown Memphis.

Pastor Moore says he has been surprised by the amount of support he is getting.  He has even heard from one Klan leader who's not in support of the rally planned in the Bluff City.

"We're not challenging their right to peaceful protest. We understand they have that right but we're asking them to respect the holiness of Easter," said Pastor Moore.

Even though he would like to see rally canceled, Moore says that is not likely to happen.

So instead, he is asking that the rally be postponed until another time.

"There's not a great time for a klan rally but certainly we'd ask that you consider not doing it on Easter," Moore continued.

Moore says he is receiving support from several other local pastors.  He even heard from the parent of a bi-racial child.

"She sent me a message and said, everyday, she faces the struggles of racism and how nice it was for her to hear that from someone from the faith community to stand up and oppose this," Moore said.

Late last week, Moore says he heard from a KKK Imperial Wizard with the United Klans of America.

"He opposes this rally as well. He is against it and his organization doesn't support this and so we're thankful to add his voice to the choir to stop this, this isn't the time," said Pastor Moore.

As the rally date draws near, Moore encourages more Memphis pastors to stand up and voice their opinions.

"Share with your congregation, let them know you don't support this, you're against this and ask them to be in prayer with you," Moore continued.

Pastor Moore has only been in Memphis for one month now and he was surprised that something like this would even take place here.

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