March Madness Temps

Remember last March...15,000 record high temperatures broken across the U-S. The warmest March on record. Zero snow cover across Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois.

As of last Friday, most of Indiana was snow covered north of Indy. I snapped this pic just north of I-70 at 10,000 feet give or take.

Consider this March...the first 10-days the average high is 46 degrees. Only 3-days have been above 50. The average high is 55 this time of year.

Conversely, the first 10-days in March, 2012 was over 59-degrees and the average high for the month was 71.2 degrees. Last March, 3 of the first 10-days we recorded highs in the 70s.

Instead of shorts and flops...the winter jacket is still needed.