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EXCLUSIVE: Firefighter said to have admitted guilt in missing money case

The firefighter at the center of the controversy surrounding missing money from the Jeremy Tighe Scholarship Fund is said to have admitted guilt months ago.

14 News has obtained an email that we're told was written by that McCutchanville firefighter and sent to administrators at the department.

No criminal charges have been filed, so we're not naming the firefighter said to be involved, but in a three page email sent by someone close to the investigation, they say he accepts full responsibility.

It starts out by saying, "I know you all are mad and upset with me." He says, "I screwed up big time and made a huge mess with the fund account. I mixed personal business and money with fund business and money."

"This was wrong and I admit to my mistakes," he goes on to write. "I never stole anything," talking about the $4,000 that went missing from the account.

He writes, "The money has been replaced plus some. I am very, very sorry for this. This mistake may mean the end of my job and even."

Prosecution with jail time. He says, "It was an honest, ignorant mistake.

He then tells the department's administrators, "I plead with you to withdraw the (theft) report and this can be reconciled civilly. I do not want to lose my family over this."

The firefighter then writes, "I have spoken with an attorney that had advised me on my mistakes in book keeping and oversights in mixing up personal business with fund business."

He then goes on to write, "I am not going to run away from this problem or quit my job to avoid it. My wife and children may move before I can get this fixed, but I am here as long as it takes to make this right.

Officials with the McCutchanville Fire Department say that firefighter did resign last week after being placed on paid administrative leave due to an issue within the department.

"He told us back in November, 'My wife has a new job that's going to require us to move and I will be leaving at some point,'" said Lt. Steve Gibson with McCutchanville Fire Department.

That firefighter has left his position at the department. The case of the missing money is now in the hands of the prosecutor.  

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