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KWC officials react to Sunday night bus crash

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The bus sent to get the students and adults pulls back into Owensboro. The bus sent to get the students and adults pulls back into Owensboro.

Many are reacting to Sunday night's bus crash involving Kentucky Wesleyan Choir students who are returning to campus after having to cancel their spring break tour. 

Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt.

When news of the accident reached Kentucky Wesleyan officials, they say their thoughts immediately went to the students. 

"It's a phone call every parent dreads," Dean of Students Scoot Kramer said. 

Kramer has two children who attend Kentucky Wesleyan and go on similar trips often. He knows that he easily could have been one of the parents getting a phone call last night.  

"The way I found out, actually, the brother of the bus driver lives down the street from me and came to my house and shared with me that there'd been an accident," Kramer said.

Officials say that accident was the result of faulty brakes. Chattanooga dispatchers told 14 News that 22 people were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.    

"The bus driver, with a lot of experience, was able to maneuver the vehicle from the roadway and keep it from being worse than it was," Kramer said. 

Kentucky Wesleyan President Dr. Craig Turner attributes some of that to the passengers as well.  

"During a very trying time, I think our staff that were with them and the students who were onboard performed exceptionally well, and I think a great deal of it is attributable to the faith that they have," Dr. Turner said. 

Kramer says that's not surprising for the campus community.  

"It's very important we all come together and support each other," Kramer said.

A bus was sent earlier Monday to pick up the students in Chattanooga and they recently just pulled back into Owensboro.

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