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Fundraisers in the works for EPD officer with Leukemia

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Nathan Schroer Nathan Schroer

Fundraisers are in the works for Evansville Police Detective Nathan Schroer.

After nine years of remission, he was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. While Schroer's being treated in Texas, his fellow EPD officers are holding events to help with his expenses.

Schroer is an 11-year veteran of the EPD, who is also a Pastor at Northwoods Church.

"Nathan is an outstanding individual that a lot of people care a whole lot about him. He had Leukemia about nine years ago and was treated and has been in remission for nine years. Then, unfortunately, it's come back," Deputy Chief Brad Hill said.

It's no secret that cancer treatment is both costly and physically taxing. On top of that, Schroer and his family face the added expense of traveling to and from Houston for treatment.

"The Chief wanted to coordinate our efforts, so that everybody's not doing the same things, so we can make sure that we are best able to help Nathan any way we can," Hill said.

Those coordinated efforts include multiple Schroerstrong benefits to be held this spring and summer, as well as Schroerstrong T-shirts and wristbands.

One of those benefits will be held March 22 at an Icemen game, where public safety personnel will have their heads shaved in a show of support for Nathan.

"And then, every five dollars of every ticket bought, presold ahead of time through our office, goes back to Nathan to help with all the expenses that they're doing right now," said Kyle Phernetton with the Icemen Group Ticket Sales.

Swirca, the Cookin' Duthmen, and Jake's Wayback Burgers are among other organizations stepping up to help. It appears many in the community are all-in to help Nathan and his family.

"Super nice guy. It's, you know, you hate to see this happen to somebody like him," Phernetton said.

"As I said, this is, this is something nobody wanted to see happen. But we want to do everything we can to help, and let those other expenses not be something that he has to worry about," Hill said.

At that Icemen game on March 22, women can dye their hair orange instead of having their heads shaved as orange is the official color for Leukemia.

If you would like to learn more about the fundraisers for Nathan Schroer's cause, click here.

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