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Watch your speed, Operation Pullover has commenced

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If you're driving I-69 with the speed control set on 80, think again.

A statewide program, Operation Pullover, has put an increased number of patrol cars on the roads.

14 News rode along with Oakland City Police Chief Alec Hensley and in two hours, he made contact with six reckless drivers.

"With the Operation Pullover, it is specialized especially on this particular program on dangerous driving, aggressive driving as well as impaired driving," Officer Hensley said.

Hensley says the department received a state grant to allow for the extra patrols, but these patrols aren't just to stop drunk drivers. The emphasis is on dangerous drivers.

"We look for those who are exceeding the speed limit. Those who are making dangerous lane to lane changes, who are not stopping at a stop sign safely as well as not using their turn signals," Officer Hensley said.

A woman was pulled over on State Route 57 and was going just under 70 miles per hour in a 55.

Her car says driver education but she tells us she is a teacher, but not a driver's ed teacher.

The driver of a tractor trailer was pulled over for going 64 in a 55. Officer Hensley says it might not be excessive speed, but vehicles carrying large loads can be dangerous at higher speeds.

"We look for that type of activity that can be contributing to accidents," Officer Hensley said.

With a new radar system, officers can clock your speed when drivers are coming and going.

In just three days, the added patrol has cracked down on the reckless drivers. Over the weekend, officers made contact with more than 50 drivers, half of which received citations.

As you can imagine, those drivers weren't interested in talking to our cameras, but many admitted their mistake and said sometimes their lead foot just gets the best of them.

Operation Pullover runs through March 24, so expect to see the added patrols throughout Indiana.

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