Check out Comet Panstarrs over the Tri-State this week !

A celestial visitor is about to arrive in our western sky after sunset this week.  You'll want to make a point of checking it out, as comets are a relatively rare occurrence…especially ones that are visible to the un aided eye. 

Here's an update on Comet Panstarrs.  It has brightened up to magnitude 2, which will make it easier to see.  Beginning tomorrow, March 12, Panstarrs will be visible just after sunset above and to the left of where the sun went down.  You'll need a pair of binoculars to see it, and you MUST wait until the sun has completely set to avoid the chance of serious eye damage.


Each night it will rise a little higher in the sky and move toward the North any tail that is present will point to the left and work its way to straight up. It will be moving away from the Earth, but closer to the sun which may increase its brightness. Reports from the Southern Hemisphere are saying it is already visible to the unaided eye with  a very short tail.  You'll notice the tail gets longer and also points higher up, eventually to the right over the next couple of weeks as the comet makes its way around the sun.

We have a new moon right now, but by the end of the week, there will be a tiny sliver of the first-quarter moon below the comet, for a spectacular view.  Clear skies are in the forecast for much the week, so this should be a great opportunity to check out a comet.  If you are able to photograph the comet, please post on our 14News and 14First Alert Facebook pages.  I'll be sharing those pics on air and online.